Recently Separated?
5 Things you need to know to protect yourself & your children

If you have recently separated from your spouse or civil partner, then the last thing on your mind might be making a new will or estate plan.

But there’s no more urgent time than now to make a new will or amend your existing one, to protect yourself (and your children). 

In our Essential Guide we cover:

  • Until your divorce is finalised, your spouse could still inherit everything
  • After your death your spouse is free to make a new Will and could disinherit your children
  • Who will have guardianship of your children
  • Still arguing over the house? Don't think your half will automatically go to your children upon your death
  • Debts and a mortgage? Think you've got nothing to leave your children? Think Again

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Recently Separated?
Why NOW is the time to make or update your Will.
The Top 5 Things you need to know to protect yourself & your children.
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