Choosing an executor

Every person must nominate an executor or executors in their Will, to carry out their wishes after death. Up to four people can be chosen, but most people have two executors.

Being an executor is a job with a lot of responsibility, which might go on for months or sometimes even years, depending on how long probate takes.

Probate is the process of proving that a will is valid. During that time, the executors may be called upon to deal with many administrative tasks, such as:

  • Interpreting the legal clauses in the Will
  • Ensuring all debts and other liabilities are finalised
  • Contacting people named in the Will
  • Gathering detailed information for the estate valuation
  • Dealing with paperwork for the Probate Registry, Land Registry and Tax Office
  • Claiming entitlements
  • Administering the distribution of assets, as set out in the Will

For all this hard work, an executor is personally liable, meaning that if a mistake is made, he or she may end up paying costs – for example, additional tax and penalty payments.
…and all this at a time of grieving for the loss of a loved one.

These days, personal estates can be complex. For your own peace of mind, you can use the services of Just Wills and Legal Services Ltd.
As part of a comprehensive range, our expert probate team offers a cost-effective and professional executorship service. We will carry out all Will administration and probate tasks, keeping chosen family members fully informed throughout the process.
We would love to set your mind at rest.

Whoever you choose to fulfil the important role of executor, please ensure that they are competent and fully insured in the event of any liability arising from their activities.

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