What New Parents Need To Know:
Planning for your family's future

Whether you’re a first time parent, or an old hand, you’ve no doubt thought carefully about how you’d like to help, guide and support your children – both during your own lifetime, and after you are gone.
But when it comes to financial assistance and Estate Planning, it can seem there is a bewildering array of options, often with similar names but very different implications.
It’s important to get it right – a carefully drawn up Estate Plan can be the difference between providing even for those children not born yet – or accidentally disinheriting your most precious first born.

So what are the key things you need to consider, before you decide what’s best for your family? 

  • When do I need to change my Will or Estate Plan?
  • What are my relationship circumstances?
  • Who will look after my children after I die? 
  • What happens if my spouse re-marries after I die? 
  • Can Gifting and Trusts protect my family more than just a Will?

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